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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Signal Box

 photo t13035.jpg

Newton Station Signal Box


Bill said...

Nice old photo of Newton signalbox, something we will never see again. Much better than the continuous pictures we keep seeing of Werneth Low

Tom said...

It's a shame there's not a lot of these pictures about Bill.. Both me or Nancy would like to open the emails in a morning and find such pictures sent in. Werneth Low will always get a showing on the blog, it is by far the most requested views we get asked for.
I suppose health permitting, we could spend our free time going to Tameside Archive centre, but when I feel up to going out I want fresh air and to see people I care about. We only have a certain amount of time we can spend doing this. I have only been back posting a week and it has shocked me the amount of junk mail... and spam comments Nancy has had to contend with. Nancy as also suffered abusive comments which is unbelievable considering the time and effort that goes into the running of such a blog.


Werneth Low said...

Bill, your comment puts me off sending stuff. Werneth Low means a great deal to me and if I lived nearer to Hyde I'd want to be up there every day. Of course people want to see other places as well, and I've learned a lot from this Blog about areas of Hyde that I'm not familiar with, like Godley and Newton. I just wonder where your photos are as, if you comment as you have, there's only one way to rectify things.

Anonymous said...

It isn't "Bill" ... It's the same nasty troll that sends in all the abusive messages that the blog gets, posing as another person.

ip addresses are so easy to check.

downsie21 said...

Having spent two years in the forces in Korea and Hong Kong and then twenty six years in Bolton with my job each time I'm travelling back home and see Werneth Low I say thank God I'm home.

Gerald (SK14) said...

Alas the trolls aren't interested in producing their own things - they don't have wherewithall or they'd be doing it instead of criticising - don't let them put you off.

Bill. said...

First, anonymous, I am not the nasty troll you accuse me of being. I've lived in Hyde for seventy eight years, born in Godley on Sheffield Road. Like many other people in Hyde I don't see anything special about Werneth Low, its been there all my life and will still be there when I am dead and gone.If the people of Hyde liked Werneth Low that much it would be full of Hydonians every warm day, but except for dog walkers and dog poo you hardly see anyone or anything, just the same dreary view of Manchester, Denton and Hattersley. Just because the place means a lot Werneth Low, it does not mean everyone in Hyde likes the place. I can think of many places in Hyde where I would rather be than dreary, barren poo ridden Werneth Low.

Tom said...

As I stated before Bill, Werneth Low is our most requested view, so will be shown again and again on here.

If you get the time I would be pleased to show some Godley pictures... maybe you could take some of St Johns and write up a post...if is is suitable I would gladly post it.

It is so hard to please everyone, but WE are prepared to try to do so with help from people like you Bill.

Werneth Low who comments as sent many pictures in and helped when we have requested it. So new week, new start .. hopefully you will send something in to us Bill.

Werneth Low said...

Bill, if you have lived in Hyde for 78 years, as you claim to have done, you give the impression that you have no regard for the town whatsoever. How very sad. I respect that Werneth Low isn't your favourite place, but why can't you show the same respect for those who love it? Instead of looking at "dreary views of Manchester,Denton and Hattersley, why don"t you go up to Windy Harbour and walk down Cock Brow? the view is stunning from that side and not a glimpse of the places you dislike the look of.

I'd like to challenge you to take up Tom's invitation to send some of yor stuff in. Otherwise, if you haven't anything pleasant or encouraging to say,then say nowt.

Bill crompton said...

My mate Noel Prince,now sadly not with us,was the signal man in this box,I spent the night there to see what working nights was like,I am sure it was against the railway rules but enjoyed the experience as a 16 year old.

exiled hydonian said...

I've never heard any Hydonian say anything bad about Werneth Low, so I'm surprised to see Bill's comments.
I've enjoyed walking up there and think the view is great, also the Cenotaph is one of the most iconic things in Hyde.
There haven't been that many photos of Werneth Low on here, and as others have said to Bill why doesn't he send in photos of something he likes instead of moaning about it?

Anonymous said...

@ exiled hydonian.
He doesn't send them in because he's a troll. He comes on here under many names but the ip address is the same.

Funny that.