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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Lowry's Night Club

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Lowry's Night Club, this place was buzzing in the 80s, as was most of the pubs in Hyde at that time. It was owned by Alan and Carol Greenwood. The both put their own touches to the club and it bobbed along very nicely with a good mixture of ages visiting the place. Monday night was mostly 60s music and there was always a great turn out. The age group was older and wiser than the weekend crowd, but it did have it's share of trouble with couples falling out over who was looking at who.
Thursday night was really the start of the weekend, not as many in compared with Friday and Saturday but still a good number of people. I'd say this was a very unpredictable crowd on Thursday... mostly males more bothered about a drink than chatting up girls. This was the night it could really kick off.. and it was a night the doormen earned their money.
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John Kinnard, Tom Wigley, Dave Brinsley, Huey Travis.

Friday and Saturday... the evenings kicked off with a under 18s bisco. 7-9... a great set of kids turned up and the place was theirs for 2 hours. After that in was open again at 10 until 2 in the morning... These were fun nights for sure... I have many memories from here, some unprintable ha!. The club had a bad reputation for fights breaking out and for having a sticky floor... I'll agree the floor was a tad sticky with the amount of drinks spilt on it.. and no matter how many times it was shampooed it still felt sticky. The fights at the weekend were mostly scuffles between one group of lads and another.. nothing too bad really.
It was the place to go , there were queues at the door most weekends and mostly it was a friendly place where people went to enjoy themselves. I worked there for 4, sometimes 5 nights a week for around 5 years and thoroughly enjoy my time there...   If you went there or just heard about the place I'd like to read your comments, and please send in any picture of the place, inside or out.

Thank You To Karl For Todays Picture


Werneth Low said...

Tom, I've heard a lot about this club, but obviously it came long after I'd left Hyde in 1965. Whereabouts was it, as I can't place it from the surroundings?

Chris Han said...

Awesome photo of Lowrey's, thanks for that.

Graham Boote said...

Hi Tom, have fond memories of Lowrys from around 1980. Used to go there most Saturday nights with my girlfriend Shirley, we used to feel grown up going to listen to the cabaret and having chicken in a basket and half a lager and black. Well, Shirley had the half a lager and black, I had a full pint. Honest!

There used to be an Alsatian that used to run wild on the roof which was always a bit fun, we were always scared it would fall off the edge. It never did to my knowledge.

One night I went in and Alan Greenwood came up to me at the bar and said something along the lines of 'Have a good night Thursday did you'....I'm like nodding, yes I did. I then got promptly thrown out for hooliganism which anyone who knows me will vouch that I am the last person ever to cause trouble. I was a bit shocked...but Margaret Catlow from the National Reserve club put Alan straight and I was allowed back in. Great club in its day.

Tom said...

Werneth Low: the building is in fact still standing... and is now called The Bangla City Restaurant and is on Grafton Street, next to Pensioners House and opposite The junction of Clarke Way and Clarendon Road.
Chris: I was thrilled to see the picture turn up in an email.
Graham: I was in fact barred for the club when Alan Greenwood took over... ha! and then be asked me to work for him.. ha!