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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Talbot Road, Victoria Street And Lodge Lane Junction

 photo EPW047458.jpg

Another aerial view this time showing Lodge Lane bottom/middle, to the left is Bagshaw St, Coming in from the middle left is Talbot Rd, and top/right is Victoria St. 

  photo crossroad.jpg

Close up of the junction showing the familiar frontage of Newton Mill and across in the trees is Bradley House.

 photo hamhill.jpg

The road is Talbot Road with Bluebell Reservoir to the left, and another unnamed reservoir to the right. On the 1887 map the area is marked as Ham Hill, the road that is there now is Hamel Street. Top right is Holland Rd and Manor Rd, I can just make out my house. 

  photo Victoria.jpg

Bottom/left is Clarence St showing the newly built homes on the right, the large row of stone cottages to the left are shown as Chapel Row on the 1887 map.  Garden Street is on the left and the center of the picture is what is know as Garden Street Playing fields, At the end of Garden St is a pathway across the field from left to right...that was known as Sawyer Brow. It comes out onto Victoria Street. From that end of the brow comes another road, which was called Forest Street, the area to the right of this road is marked as Dolls-ith-hole. The factory on the right of Victoria St could be Newton Iron Works, Mechanical Engineering. I'd be interested to know if that's correct. To the right of the factory was an area called Strawberryhill. which lives on as a name plaque on the two house across Victoria Road seen below.

 photo Newton28056-1.jpg

The wall plaque says Strawberry Hill 1857

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Anonymous said...

the road name plate for sawyer brow is still attached to the side of the flats on Victoria street and you can just make out the original lane on google earth