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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Request For Our Help

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We get many emails asking for help like this but normally we don't have the time to do much more than point folk to Tameside Archive Centre... This one however came at just the right time where it found me stuck in the house as I was not up to getting out. I thought I'd give this one a go and see what we can come up with. Here's the request.

     "My Gran grew up in and around Hyde. Originally called 'Nessie' Turner she married a Rupert Lawler and lived in Hyde. I believe there is a 1901 entry in the census which finds her living in the big house by Captain Clark's Bridge. My mum told me that they had lived (in the 30's,40's,50's?) opposite the cricket ground on Werneth Low. Her name was Margaret Lawler and she had a brother Peter and sister Barbara. Apparently I was conceived behind the cricket pavilion in August 1953! and was born in Hyde Hospital. Mum, Gran and I moved down to Worthing in 1956 when Gran retired from her teaching post at St George's School. I visited the area once with Mum in about 1959 but don't remember anything about it other than the densely packed streets.
As my son is now considering Manchester University, I brought him up for a tour of it and after we came to try to retrace my roots. I found Captain Clark's bridge but couldn't really see much of the house as it was obscured by trees and bushes. We came up to Werneth Low (which, incidentally, was the name of my Gran's bungalow in Worthing) and visited the cricket ground. A kind gentleman, who I believe works there, showed me into the new pavilion but couldn't locate a photo of the original one.
I have just spent several hours going backwards through your fascinating blog and have arrived at November 2011.
Does anyone have any recollections or pictures of Mrs Lawler/Turner as a teacher at St George's?
Does anyone remember Margaret ( my Mum), Peter or Barbara Lawler or their father Rupert?
Could it be that they lived in one of the cottages at the top of Werneth Low?
Does anyone have any photos of the old cricket pavilion?
Are there any photos of St. George's classes from the 40's when Mum was there?
Mum said she went to a Convent school, was it in or near Hyde? Does anyone have any information about it?
I started reading your blog imagining I would be here for a few minutes, that was five hours ago! Thank you for starting to fill in some gaps in my family history.
Thank you Mike"

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I think it is safe to say the convent school is Harrytown in Romiley, hopefully we have readers who recall the family.. I do hope we can help with this.


Gillian Meakin said...

I have located Nessie Turner on the 1911 census. She was age 21 living at Woodend House, Hyde, as Assistant School Teacher for Borough Council, which would be St. Georges. She wouldn't have far to walk to work. Her father Joe Turner was a joiner, brothers Harold 26 a grocer's assistant, Percy 24 Electric Tram Guard, sisters Lillie 22 Typist and May Commercial Clerk (hatters)

Anonymous said...

I remember being taught "handicrafts" by Mrs Lawlor in the 1950s and she also taught my mother at St.George's in the 1930s. She retired during my time there.