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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Holy Trinity Class Of ??

Today's post is from Peter Simpson

 photo IMG_0198.jpg

Back from L-R: Peter Rowland, Ian Wood, Jennifer Mellor, Gillian Hannam, Hilary Shaw, ?John Jackson, Dennis Jacks
Middle: Richard Thompson, Brian Dean, John Saxon, Tony Husband, David hall, Peter Simpson
Front: Mandy Pickup, ?Daryl Booth, Janet Palfreyman, Margaret Robinson, Mary Mansfield, Heather Livesey, Sheila Titterington
As usual, no names or dates on back of picture so I have dredged the names up from memory. Hope I've got them all right.  I would love to hear from any of the gang.
Peter can be contacted on Facebook or Email.
Cheers Peter Simpson

Email address on request .


Denzil Grimshaw said...

Janet Palfreyman used to live on Sykes St. when I did. She was my childhood first love.

Werneth Low said...

Well, Peter, what a treat this is for me. I would say that this is the class of either 1960 or 61. I wonder if you remember the Reunion which we had at the school in August 2002, as quite a few of the names in your picture appear in the register which everyone signed on that day - including yours if you are Peter Simpson of South Wales (or you were). Other people in the book who are on your photo are: David Hall, Tony Husband, Daryl Booth.

I left HT in 1956 but I knew a lot of your year, possibly because they had older siblings. Amongst them were Peter Rowland, Gillian Hannam, Denis Jack, Mandy Pickup, Janet Palfreyman and Sheila Titterington.

There is now a Facebook,page for Gee Cross Holy Trinity (C of E) Primary School. You,may be interested in joining and you could certainly upload your photos there. It would be good to swell the numbers a bit!

Tom said...

Hi Peter try this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/111923828832318/

Peter Simpson said...

Thanks......but link didn't work

Tom said...

Sorry Pete I'll see if I can't find another way.