Picture Of Hyde Grammar School Building
by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Tuesday, 1 November 2011



The Crossroads at the top of  Joel Lane, close to Werneth  Low. This was once a very  popular spot for walkers and  hikers, particularly in Victorian  times. In 1838 horse racing  was established on Werneth Low near to the Hare and Hounds Inn.   The first day of racing over 6000 people attended The last races were held in 1850, abandoned  due to lack of interest.
Picture & Information from Paul Taylor
I should think this area is one of the most photographed in Hyde... even today it is a lovely spot to rest awhile and watch the world go by. As for the race meetings I wonder how they would fare today. It seems every other farm now offers stabling for horses... Gambling is now thrust into our living rooms almost hourly, never mind daily maybe the crowds would be tempted back..  Can you imagine the problem these days with parking... still I'm sure Tameside could levy a change out of it, if they can do it at the top of the multi-story car park, the top of Werneth Low must be very tempting... 


Hydonian said...

I really like this photo, Paul.
It has one of the old chalets before it was developed into a house on it.

Dave Williams said...

The cars shown in the photo are a Morris Minor and what looks like a Standard 8 or 10, both from the early or mid 1950s.

JohnT said...

In my opinion the car is a Standard 8, the Standard 8 didn't have chrome over riders on the rear bumper like the Standard 10 did. I had both the Standard 10 and the 8. The Standard 10 registration was HDB 691 and the Standard 8 was LDB 40. That brought back some good memories.

Werneth Low said...

Is the postcard dated? It was obviously taken when the shop was there as the canopy is clearly visible. How quiet it looks.

Dave Williams said...

I notice that the postcard was produced in Brighouse, West Yorkshire (West Riding, as it would have been then). At least that's better than the 'China' I've seen on some recent cards.