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Sunday, 27 November 2011

R.I.P. The Globe

 Just thought I'd post these few photos to show people who remember The Globe Public House what it is looking like since it closed its doors to the public.
It's such a shame to see another once great pub now being used for flats.


Views from Lumn Road

Looking up Ridling Lane



Graham Boote said...

Sad to see.

Graham Boote said...

How times change. In the third photo, looking up Ridling Lane, on the left, you can see the front door of what used to be a sweet shop many years ago. My friend Tony Angelone's family owned it for a while, but I cannot remeber what it was called before they took it over. The chippie used to be Chapmans, him and his wife used to argue all the time which was fun to watch, and George & Kath had a newsagents on the right hand side of Ridling Lane. I used to deliver papers for them. Then you had Harolds shop on the corner of Ridling Lane & Lumn Road. So many shops closing the doors. So many memories!

Tom said...

Very sad sight to see... The time I had a 'quick' drink drink in there I always found it to be a friendly place... the function room upstairs was well used, I'd been to many a party up there.
Lets hope this dark cloud has a silver lining and all it's old customers now drink in the Gardeners.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I did a post about this just last Thursday see Hyde DP Vol.2 and showed a photo of how it looked in 2006 on Hyde DP Xtra

Anonymous said...

I remember Harold's on the right corner of ridling lane, we always new Harold as sticky's because he always had a cigarette stuck to his lips when serving people, I used to take bets for him over to Jimmy Seftons bookies on the corner opposite the globe pub he used to give a couple of fags. Great man great days.Barry

Hydonian said...

It was called Hiltons shop, Graham. They had the best "penny tray" in the world. I used to go in every day after coming out of Leigh Street Juniors. Ahh.. memories.

Tom said...

I was very disappointed recently when I asked Jane to pick me up some Penny white mice.... they've shrunk terribly and did not taste at all like they used to... :O) I did buy some Cinder Toffee from the shop in the market all... now that did taste good and took me back many years.. :O)

westarsteve said...

great memories there george and kath were called bennett and harold was called taylor after he sold the shop he used to live in walker close for years
there were a few other characters that lived in that area one as trixie who used to sell evening newses and mr pomroy who had a wooden leg he used to look after the ici playing field on walker lane also the pavillion that was on the field that leigh street girls school used to use
how time flies

Simon said...

you used to be able to buy cigs in singles from the shop opposite there. No 10 and No 6

Graham Boote said...

Thats right Nancy....Hiltons sweet shop. Been trying to remember the name for ages now. They used to sell nougat on the penny tray which I used to eat till it made me sick.