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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Photo's Sent From New Zealand

We do enjoy checking the emails that you send in... more so when pictures are sent as well... We were very pleased to have been contacted from New Zealand by Bren and Al Maddocks. I'll turn the post over to Al.

"I found some 6 x 6 slides but unfortunately they have deteriorated over time and are in very bad condition.  I have tried to restore the slides but with not much success, these are the best so far.



Werneth Low War Memorial and a youngster interested in what Bren and I were doing. As you can see the colours are fading leaving a pink cast.

September 1966 to december 1969 I worked at Godley Footwear. There were 2 factories, Bottom Street and at Douglas Street.  The following 2 photographs where taken on a sunny day in 1967. at the Bottom Street Factory.


Janet and John. Janet was a machinist I think and John a sewing machine mechanic.  John was Irish a great feller with a great sense of humour.


Phyllis and Pauline both were machinists. They are sat on the wall at the main gate. Sorry I cannot remember any surnames.


There must be plenty of old employees of Godley Footwear still around and  just to help them remember me, I looked a lot like this feller, only with dark hair and more of it.

Cheerio for now, Best wishes from Bren and Al Maddocks.

Thank you for them post Al.... I hope some folks stop by and read this who recall you and Bren.... or maybe others will send in some pictures like these of past work mates... would be nice if you could make contact with friends past.


Hydonian said...

I really love these photographs - thanks for sharing ! :)

Jean said...

The girls in the picture are Phyllis Norton {later Broome} and Pauline Abbott.