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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hyde from up High !

Todays picture is an unusual view of Hyde's Clarendon Shopping Centre taken from the top of Chartist House.
I love how the cars on the Multi storey car park are made to look like toy cars.
John Grundy House is at the top in the middle , the Old Supermarket is top right with the Town Hall showing in the background to the left. Beeley Street, where the Lads Club used to stand, is middle,left.


Photo taken circa 2004


Dave Williams said...

If you took that photo now, you'd be lucky to find even one car on top of the multi storey car park. One wonders if it's a deliberate ploy by the Council to levy a charge for the upper floors of the car park knowing that people who've been used to parking there without payment won't use it if they can park for free at Morrisons and (effectively) at Asda, and thus give them an excuse to demolish it.

Tom said...

You've only got to look at the whole area and see that maybe you are not far wrong there day... the two car-parks at the side of the multi story have never had much done to them... a few tons of hard core rolled about and that is it.. I'm sure I've read about some kind a retail use for this area... and I'm sure it was on Tamesides web-site.

Anonymous said...

just one hell of a great site

Hydonian said...

That's a very nice thing to say, Anon.
If you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy doing it, then mission accomplished! :)

Tom said...

Hello there Anon,
So glad you have enjoyed looking at the blog... and thank you for letting us know you do in such a great way.

Red Pump said...

Chartist on the roof never use to have a rail round it so it use to be a bit scary experience going anywhere near the edge, now there is a small metal round for piece of mind. John Grundy on the other hand has a proper wall round it. On a clear day there are some cranking views from either block !!

Tom said...

I knew I'd read this some where on Tamesides web site.. not sure at all when this was drafted.. it can be found in the Statutory Developmental Plans.. which a well worth a browse.

Development Opportunity Area:

The area of car parks and commercial premises bounded by Union Street, Crook Street and Clarendon Street, to the east of The Mall and including the multi-storey car park.
This area has potential for retail development as an extension of the existing precinct or as a linked scheme, including provision of replacement car parking

HTC7. The boundary of this proposal, situated on the eastern side of the shopping area up to the town centre by-pass, includes vacant land and car parking sites centred on Beeley Street and Reynold Street, plus certain existing buildings. This land could be assembled to form the site of an eastern extension to the recently refurbished shopping mall, or a separate form of retail development linked as conveniently as possible to the precinct, in either case providing improved facilities to the shopping centre as a whole.
The existing multi storey car park, which has recently undergone a considerable face-lift, could be retained or replaced in some way, according to the scale of any scheme which is formulated. Adequate servicing arrangements for existing as well as new shop units will also be necessary. The area has the benefit of high visibility and ready access from the existing town centre by-pass which is only a short distance from the M67 motorway.