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Friday, 25 November 2011

Stockport Road Views


Looking up Stockport Road towards the cemetery, date around 1906


Looking down Stockport Road just past the cemetery, the Clarkes Arms is just visible in the distance. Date around 1906.

Pictures and information from Paul Taylor


Hydonian said...

GReat photos Tom !
Having been brought up on this road, on this particular stretch ,it's fabulous to see them !

Werneth Low said...

Having also been brought up on this stretch of Stockport Road (Kensington Street to be exact), I too appreciate these brilliant photos. On the first one there are 3 shops clearly visible on the right-hand side. When I was young the one at the corner of Knight Street was Griffiths' grocers and off licence. It was commonplace at that time to see women making for that shop in the evening with a large jug to collect liquid refreshment to wash the husband's tea down with. The smaller shop in the middle was McGowan's newagents - young girls entered at their peril!! Next door was Dain's, the paint shop, where they also sold Esso Blue paraffin. I think there was also a wool shop along there too and Roy Kerfoot opened a small grocery shop after Griffiths' closed but it's possible that was in what had been the wool shop.
I'm intrigued by the 2nd photo when I zoom in to look at it. I can clearly pick out the house which is now Werneth Court at the corner of Kew Avenue, along with the houses next to it but then the opening to Kensington Street looks to have a corner shop which I have no memory of. What do others think, I wonder. Thanks for the photos - they're great.

Anonymous said...

I'd like some more info on groffiths store if possible, I lived in the house there :-)