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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Windy Harbour

A nice photo of the view from Windy Harbour.
Quite spectacular on a clear day!
Photo circa 1980's we think.


Thanks to John and Doreen Morris for this lovely shot!

The four pictures below were taken today (22,11,2011)

By Dave





Great Pictures as always Dave

A photo of Windy Harbour probably in the 1990's. I think that the restaurant had just shut down at the time. Paul.



Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

been searching for a photo of the building for years - good to find one at last

Tom said...

What a great picture this is Nancy.. really takes me back... stand there on that spot for a while and you can tell it was perfectly named.. The views are stunning from there as well.. make's me want to get up there today.

Werneth Low said...

It's a great picture but not of the view, which is hidden by this eyesore of a building. I presume it's a remnant of the old farm buildings. I always think it's very neglected up there now that the farm and the car park have gone which is a shame because it could have been developed as an extension of the visitor centre.. The view from the edge is splendid at that point.

Dave Williams said...

I agree with Werneth Low about the way Windy Harbour has been neglected. I remember when our boys were younger and we used to go for walks up Werneth Low how we could stop off at Windy Harbour and buy an ice cream at the restaurant. I also agree about the views from that point - I've been up there today, and I'll send you a few photos.

Dave Williams said...

The road which bears round to the right in the photo drops away steeply and is called Cock Brow. A horse was frequently kept in a field close to such steep roads or tracks and would be coupled to passing horses to help them pull wagons up the brow, or to the back of the wagon to act as a brake when going down. Such horses were known as 'cock horses'.

Tom said...

Hi Dave that's a great bit of information... I've heard about these horses before... but never realised they were 'Cock' horses..

Werneth Low said...

Thanks Dave. I just love this site, not just for nostalgia but because there's always something new to learn. When I was a kid growing up in Hyde and I'd got to the age of thinking I knew it all, my very wise mother would wag her finger at me and say: "You think you're learned up." I did but the truth is we're never learned up.
I remember Windy Harbour when it was a working farm. The Aughton family lived there and were at Holy Trinity School when I was in the 50s. My dad constructed a lean-to type of extension for Mr Aughton which became a little tearoom much appreciated by walkers.

Tom said...

Thank you for the updated pictures Dave... the views are superb.. I said earlier I'd have liked to go up there today.. but I ended up in bed resting for the biggest part of it, so I appreciate these all the more.
I noticed the grit sand is still in the same place.. :O)

JohnT said...

Great post and photograph. Has anybody got a photograph of the Windy Harbour Restaurant? We held our daughter's celebration lunch there after her christening at Hyde Chapel in December 1990. I only have photographs and a video of the celebrations inside but no photograph of the external.

Tom said...

I recall sitting outside where the cafe was watching clay pigeon shooting on the hillside below... once it had ended me and my mate went down and found some of the ones not shot.. I took about a dozen home only for my mum to tell me off for fetching more rubbish home.. ha! happy days.

Ceecee said...

Those were the days - weekend or school holidays that was one of our walks over the iron bridge, across the field to dove house farm then up green lane, up the side of the low behind the cottages to the cenotaph then across to windy harbour for a drink of pop at the little cafe that was there long before the restaurant. Love this blog it helps kick-start old memories.

Graham Boote said...

Did there once used to be a boarding kennel at Windy Harbour? I seem to recall taking our dog there once when we went on holidays. Also seem to recall that a girlfriend from long long ago's Mother ran it. Might be dreaming this up though.

TinTrunk said...

I've recently acquired an old photograph of 'Mrs Hyde's Windy Harbour Tea Rooms' which looks like it was taken in the 1900s. You can see it here:


I've been trying to find out more about it and came upon your blog. Would anyone know the location of this building, or even if it still stands?

Tom said...

The building as far I know was around where the one in the picture stood... maybe more towards the crest of the road Cock Brew where it joins Werneth Low Road. I've seen the picture before a few times.. I think it might be in one of the Hyde picture books, I've also another picture of the building which I can send you if you drop us an email.. Windy Harbour is now deserted but folks still make for the spot as the views are stunning..

Tom said...

Tin Trunk... I've just sent far to much time browsing your pictures on Flickr... it's not often I will do that but your collections are excellent and very interesting.

TinTrunk said...

Many thanks for the information, Tom! The picture I have is a genuine photo print, and the same format as another I acquired at the same time of the Hare & Hounds with a credit stamped on the back: "JAS & L Thorley, Post Card Publisher". That suggests the photos were probably widely reproduced.

I'm sad to learn I can't visit Mrs Hyde's anymore for a reviving Atkinson's Mineral Water! However I won't let that put me off and I'm planning a visit to see if I can find the spot. It looks like the farm was right on the bend of the road, as you say.

And thank you for the kind words about my Flickr photos. As you can tell, I'm a real old photo nerd!

Muriel Neal (Nee) Mason said...

I used to help out in the tea room at weekends. Had a caravan on the site(single decker bus)Glady's and William owned the farm. Lovely people with their 5 children.
Met me husband there. Happy memories.

Anonymous said...

@Dave Williams - Windy Harbour used to be owned at one point by members of my family - I remember my Mum telling me how her Aunt used to sell ice creams to people who had walked up the Low.

My Grandparents had a house near the top of Joel Lane for a time. Walter Mansfield, who used to be the Landlord of the Hare & Hounds, was a relative too.

Geoff said...

My wife and I have been for a walk on Werneth Low (Country Park, as it's now known) this afternoon. We often visit for the scenery, the views, exercise and, in my case, for memories. I am intrigued by the comment from 'Anonymous' above, wondering if I know him or her!
My parents had an old, green caravan with big wooden wheels at the top of a field close to Windy Harbour farm. We used to stay there regularly at weekend and during my school holidays in the 1950s. I was a friend of the Aughton family's children: Sheila, Timothy and Anthony. I also remember Elizabeth, the eldest, but only faintly recall Mr and Mrs Aughton, the parents.
We were forced to leave the caravan when, I think, the farm was winding down. It was either taken away and demolished or broken up in situ, I don't know. But my late mother never forgave a certain local Councillor who I understand was responsible for the decision to remove our little retreat: Mansfield! I wonder if he is one and the same Walter Mansfield mentioned by Anonymous.
If anyone has a photo of the caravan I would be really happy to see it. But many thanks for the comments.