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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hyde Park Band Stand

I've fond memories of this bandstand from different times in my life.. earliest memories are of school summer holidays when a few sandwiches, crisps and a drink of pop would be our picnic out on the grass whilst watching a band or a Punch and Judy show. We would meet up with our Aunty Doris and my cousins and enjoy an afternoon together.   Happy days indeed.
The bandstand was also a place we would 'hang about' at school dinner times... hoping to get a glimpse of the girls from Flowery Field school... and then later on if you'd been lucky enough to get a date meeting the same girls.. I'm lucky if I could make it up the steps never mind chasing a girl around it for a kiss..   






November 2011

Do you have memories of the bandstand? 

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Anonymous said...

Barry from Oz here, You have awakened some memories here, hoping to meet Floweryfield school girls etc. In 1960 I was almost 15 at FF secondary and we were quite naughty in that we would arrange a 'tryst' with a couple of girls from our class, meet them at Hyde Park in the darkness of night, wait until the gates of the park were locked then climb over them and sneak to the bandstand where lessons were learned from the text book named 'Birds and the Bees'. Wonderfull memories. Lessons that aren't learned in classrooms eh ?