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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

View Of Bennett Street


I've been looking for older pictures of Bennett Street Newton.... and I've found them very hard to come across. If you'd like to add any pictures of Bennett Street.. or memories and information please do so. You can email to hydonian@gmail.com  and when we have enough I'll make one big post of them. 


Hydonian said...

I was actually born on Bennett Street - in the row to the right of the photo ! :) I have good memories of this Street also as my Nan lived in the house after we moved. Special mention to the cakeshop that we used to go to for meat and potato pies and jam coconut cakes - at the top of Bennett street -is it still there?

Anonymous said...

Barry from Oz here, I used to awalk own Bennet street to Floweryfield secondary school in the 50s. You wouldn't believe it but my wife and I were up the NSW North Coast a few weeks ago at a reunion in a lovely little holiday ressort called Tea Gardens near Hawkes Nest. At the Hotel there was a young bloke as the singing act. During the break I saw him talking to my wife and she said to me "Guess where this bloke is from"? I said "Stockport". She said "No, Bennet St, Newton". Aint it a small world.

Hydonian said...

Haha ...it is a small world indeed,Barry!

Anonymous said...

Simon from Hong Kong here. The cake shop at the top of Bennet Street was Hunt's and my Dad used to own it from around 1965 - 1980's. I greww up on Bennet street and went to Flower Field Primary School. Really enjoyed reading your blog Hydonian.