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Monday, 21 November 2011

Views Around Hyde (3)

These are the two photos I took in Gower Hey Woods only days apart - on 26th and 30th November - last year. 



Thanks to Dave for these pictures from last November... as we are now approaching the same date I'm wondering if we are in for a similar sight soon... it as certainly been cold enough at night... yet the seasons still seem to be mixed up with flowers showing and both dead leaves and buds on the same trees. I've noticed that the Holly trees are very full of berries, and the birds are visiting the garden in greater numbers. Grit salt is being advertised, and snow shovels are for sale on the market. 
If you have pictures to share off the views you come across this winter please send them in and we can show of the beauty of Hyde in winter. 

1 comment:

Hydonian said...

Lovely photos there, Dave.
I hope we get lots of snow again this winter - It looks great through the camera lens - and the window ;)