Picture Of Hyde Grammar School Building
by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Friday, 18 November 2011

Postcard of Gee Cross

Here is a nice postcard sent to us by Arthur C...... It shows Stockport Road in Gee Cross.
Not a car in sight - just a horse and cart!
The Post Office building is still there today, alas now a house and not the much missed Post Office which was the hub of the community...


Gee Cross in a more genteel era!


downsie21 said...

Wow! this is quite old. Wall round the post office and I'm intrigued with next door, looks more like a grocers shop than the newsagents and the "Teas Provided" sign and the two buildings that are now a Barbers and a hairdressers have not even been built. This photo must be at least 100 plus years old.

Tom said...

I'm with Eric on this picture... it really is a cracker.. I don't recall ever seeing this card before... thank you Arthur for sharing this one.

Dave Williams said...

Interesting that there's only one track for the trams - notice how close together the two overhead wires are for the trams going each way. I wonder what system they had to ensure trams didn't enter the single track part from one end when there was a tram already coming in the other direction? Single track railways often had a 'token' system where the token was picked up at one end of the single-line working and dropped off at the other end for a train coming the other way to pick up. Which is fine as long as the traffic is going to come alternately from one direction then the other, but a bit of a pain if you get two consecutive vehicles from the same direction. Perhaps the timing of the journeys was such that trams were not due to pass each other at a point where there was only a single track. The way public transport is run nowadays you certainly couldn't guarantee that now, particularly in the rush hour!

downsie21 said...

As a young lad,I was on the the Green Linnetcoming out of Hyde waiting in the loop at the cemetery gates. After a lengthy wait the driver decided to go to the next loop near Back Bower. Just as the tram was on the single line a Stockport corporation tram came round the corner!
The two trams crashed and the Green linnet was sent backwards through the loop. The ginger-haired conductress had the awareness to apply the brake at the back end (now the front) and the tram came to a stop near Rowan Street

Tom said...

Thanks for this memory Eric...