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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Richmond House


Richmond House on Stockport Road.

This was the home to John "Jack" Griffiths who was an English Footballer who played Fullback. He played most notably for Manchester United (1934-39) although he also played for Wolves a few times. After his playing days were over came to live at Richmond House and set up a Physiotherapy clinic here. His son still lives here and is also a Physiotherapist.


Jack Griffiths

Manchester United 1938-39
Jack Griffiths ,Middle row ,third right.


I recently found this for sale at an auction house and thought it would be nice to get a mention on here.

jack Griffiths


jack Griffiths

The lot sold for £4400


Ex Hydeonian said...

I cannot place this house, but I must say that it reminds me of a similar building near my Gran's house on Richmond Street, at the end of Boston Street. These large old Victorian houses are fairly awesome. Never heard of Jack Griffiths either,so there you go, you learn something every day! Great post Nancy.

Tom said...

Great information Nancy,
I've always liked this house Nancy.. I wonder if originally it had anything to do with the Hyde Cemetery..

Hydonian said...

Only the most ardent of fans would know the history of Manchester United's teams in 1934 - does that make me sad? Ha! The house is next to the gates of Hyde Cemetery on Richmond Hill. I dont think it did have anything to do with the cemetery, Tom.Ive looked at maps and they appear at different times. The Cemetery has its own lodge though just inside the gates,doesn't it?

Tom said...

I'm sure you are right Nancy.... I read sometime about Richmond Hill ain the last 3-4 weeks but can not recall what or where... ha!... I really must start taking notes.

Tom said...

I had a google about Jack last night and it wasgood reading.... one thing that as struck me this last week or so is the amount of famous people that have been born or moved here... f you had asked me to name then last year I would have thought of just a few... but the more I read the more I seem to find.

Tom said...

Excellent update Nancy..
Very interesting stuff here especially about the war years Nancy. I don't think I'd have bid on this one... a bit over my price range... ha! I did pick up one of the OX Roasting plates for £2.99 + P&P at the weekend... but was outbid for a Recipe book from St. Thomas's (1909)

Dave Williams said...

There's a Manchester United website called 'The Website of Dreams' which contains a wealth of statistics about the club and players. A detailed record of Jack Griffiths' Manchester United career can be found at: http://www.stretfordend.co.uk/playermenu/griffiths_j.html

Dave Williams said...

Further to my previous note, the Manchester United website shows that in his 173 appearances for United Jack Griffiths scored one goal. That was in a Division 2 game at Fulham on 1st April 1936 which ended up a 2-2 draw, and the attendance was 11,137.

Tom said...

Thanks Dave.... Nancy is Manchester United 'mad' and will I'm sure know this..... but I don't ...ha! I'll follow the link and have a good read..

celtbard_2000 said...

I remember this house just at the entry to the cemetery and by the walk up by the cemetery to go to my granddad's allotment. Is that the same house. I always knew this as a Chiropodist's house.

Tom said...

i there Celtbard... yes that's the same building... the picture above would have been taken from Stockport Road, on the opposite side of the house is a pathway and then the grave yard.

downsie21 said...

I remember seeing Jack play both at Old Trafford and Ewen Fields.

Tom said...

Hi Downsie21
What memories those must be... feel free to send us any stories, memories, or tales and we will do our best to get them down here... If you would like to add anything to this posting email us and we can then do an up-date. I hope this message finds you well.

steven rowe said...

I used to live on Peveril Terrace, where the allotments once stood. We used to go to Richmond House and play footie in the gym with his son.

I remember Jack as being a lovely man with thick, bright white hair & always in a tracksuit (or part of). Even then (1968 - 1970?) I thought it a shame that the house must have once seen better times as the "garden" had become an area containing garages for the local estate on Cemetry Walk/Vincent Street.

My gran told me he used to play for United, I didn't quite believe her as United players were very different types by then i.e Law and Bestie.

Tom said...

Hi Steve
Great memories there, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jack Griffiths is my great grandad! I'm currently sat with my grandad (his son) who grew up in this house and has other medals and memories about jack. Found it amazing that all of these people are discussing my great grandad and his house! Chloe. :)