Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Market Street

This shows a view of Market Street during the whit walks of 1975.


This view shows the same stretch of road from slightly lower down Market Street. You can see the same lamp post but on this shot it has christmas decorations adorning it - in October!



Tom said...

Great comparison shots here Nancy...
The second shot had me thinking back to my mis-spent youth and the things I got up to.... I can feel a story coming on..ha!

On the right hand side of the road was a men's cloths shop called 'Square One'.. it was quite a dear shop compared to others... the chap who owned it was called Brian and came from Burnley... he lived upstairs all week and then went home to his mothers Saturday night.. I got to know him from working in the Albion were he would drink most nights. How it came about I don't know... It started as a bet with Edder ( Dave Edwards) the bet was I wouldn't have the nerve to 'streak' across Market Street from the bookies (Ladbrooks I think) across the road and into Square One.. For agreeing to this Edder was going to buy me a pint (only 1) and Brian from the shop said I could have a pair of Jeans... It had to happen on a Saturday afternoon though. At the said time a small crowd of my so called mates had turned up to see my embarrassment.. I stripped off with them stood around me and when there was a gap in the traffic I ran... Brian thought it would be funny if he locked the door.. so there I was Saturday afternoon, naked, stood outside the shop on Market Street... while my mates... especially Edder fell about laughing... Brian did eventually open the door... and all was well... later that night I enjoyed the pint off Edder... and thought I looked good in my knew pair of Wranglers... ha!

Hydonian said...

ha ha... oh for CCTV ,Tom - bet you had a quite a crowd round you after showing off your wares!

Tom said...

I am certainly glad that CCTV was not around at the time... but anyhow I'm still not sure anything would have shown up... ha!