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Friday, 29 October 2010

Hyde United 1986 part 1

These photos show the laying of the artificial pitch at Hyde United in the Summer of 1986. They also show the the Main Stand ,The Walker Lane End , Tinkers Passage End and the Leigh Street Stand.
Looking across at the Tinkers passage End from Walker Lane.

Looking towards the Main Stand and the Scrattin'Shed.

Tinkers Passage End.

The Leigh Street stand. If you look closely you can see Leigh Street Junior School behind it and the Leigh Street Seniors Gymnasium building.. Also note the lack of the Leisure Centre on Walker Lane.

Main Stand view with great advertisement -

"Score Every Week with the North Cheshire Herald"!

This fabulous set of photos was given to us to use by Dave and Beryl Williams. We will do another post with the rest soon!
Thanks to you both for coming up with super shots time and time again! It's very much appreciated.


Tom said...

Hyde's famous.. or was it infamous pitch... great set of pictures indeed... and I echo Nancy's comment about how much we appreciate these.. I cannot say I've ever seen any others of this pitch laying and I'm sure they will be of interest to many.

westarsteve said...

hello tom i hated that pitch as at the time i worked for the council on the gardens and had to sweep it on a machine it was the most boring job ever
also on the opening night of the new surface a few of us had to get on our hand and knees to scrape pink paint off the surface which someone had thrown on it ha ha

Tom said...

Great memory of the place.. love the pink paint story... many didn't want to have such a pitch.. This was Nancy's posting ... Nancy is our 'Football' expert ;o)