Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Friday, 15 October 2010


This Aerial shot shows the library in all its splendour. It's a lovely building.
I find it hard to believe that next to the library ,where the car park is, that there were 2 swimming pools. It doesn't look a big enough space! In the distance is the magnificent tower of St Georges Church.


Tom said...

Excellent view... the library is a stunning building.. as was the old baths... love the view over the roof tops to St. Georges as well Nancy.. Great photo..

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

I always loved the library and swimming baths, both such beautiful buildings. Obviously I have read that, sadly, the swimming baths were knocked down and it seems like a leisure centre was built elsewhere:( The old swimming baths in Glossop are just beautiful, why couldn't Hyde have done something similar or was it just too costly:( Is the Library still a functioning Library? Wonder how long it will be before they knock this down as well!

Hydonian said...

The library has recently had a huge makeover so it looks like it's here for the time being,thankfully .... I shall personally chain myself to the railings if they try to demolish it!