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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hyde United 1986 part 2

This shot shows the pitch being relaid at Hyde United in the Summer of 1986. Note there is just an empty space where the Leisure Centre now stands. The Welbeck Road estate can be seen in all its glory!

This is taken from Tinkers Passage End. Leigh Street Junior school can be seen to the right of the picture and James North factory can be seen on the horizon along with its iconic tower. Next to the tree in the middle you can just about make out the vicarage of St Thomas's church. I used to go there every week to the Brownies! Behind that is the field which now houses Leigh Primary school. This field used to be host to Leigh St and Greenfield St schools for sports use and used to have a running track, high jump sandpit and a great pavillion.

Another view from Walker Lane end and a different view of Leight Street Junior school complete with bike sheds! Many a happy rainy day was spent in here. The boys used to show off, swinging from the bars.


My personal favourite photo.
Leigh Street Juniors behind the Leigh Street Stand. When I attended this school children were for ever hitting the rounders ball over the wall into Ewen Fields so they could climb over to retrieve it and waste time. One boy, who shall remain nameless ,once climbed up one of the floodlights ,much to the chagrin of the teacher, Mr Armistead. Ahhh Happy days!

Thanks once again to Dave and Beryl Williams for the great photos and memories .


Lizzy said...

Hi Tom, I didn't know you were in the Brownies;)

Tom said...

I could answer that.... but I won't ha! I'm sure I'd have got my knitting badge Elizabeth.

Hydonian said...

haha Lizzie, that was me in the Brownies - but Im sure Tom was in my pack lol

John said...

The field that is referred to is/was called Walker Field and yes i played many a football match there but there was also gardens, local to the changing hut, for the R stream pupils at Greenfield School to do their bit!

Hydonian said...

We used to know this field as Charlie Barbers Field. Even my Dad knew it by that name. I wonder who Charlie Barber was? Anybody know?

Tom said...

There was a 'Lewis Barber' who was in the 'Hatting' industry at one time... maybe they had workshops nearby.. ? but this is just a guess Nancy...

Pentwyn Dynamos said...

I worked on the ground then as part of YTS and my grandads house is in the background he ended up with his frontlawn out of the old artificial grass.and my old school playing fields behind that.david bray