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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Floweryfield Church



This church was built in 1878, the cost was met by Thomas Ashton, Esq., J.P.,. It is a handsome stone building in the Tudor Gothic style, ornamented with a fine tower.


Inscription on the Church Tower
"To the Worship of God by a Congregation bound by no Creeds or Confessions of Faith who, under the guidance of Ministers equally free to follow Truth, humbly strive to love God and serve their Fellow men. This Church is dedicated by Thomas Ashton of Hyde and Elizabeth, his Wife.
A.D. 1878


The building is in the Perpendicular or Tudor Gothic style and is cruciform in shape. There is a separate though connected Tower which rises to 81 feet above street level. The building was finished towards the end of 1878 and the Opening Ceremony was held on Thursday 19th December 1878.


After the Opening Service a Tea Party was held.  Mr. Ashton then handed over the Trust Deeds of the Church to the Church Officers and returned the sum of £1000 which had been raised by the congregation. The condition of this was the money was to be invested and the interest used to found a Minister’s stipend.

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Tom said...

When my sister work at Ashton Brothers sewing labels onto Zorbit terry nappies... she and some of her work pals would spend their dinner time sat here... I should imagine it was a nice restful place to be after the noise of a busy sewing room.

This area of Flowery Field was well looked after by the Ashton Family...