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Friday, 22 October 2010

Top Of Joel Lane


I have heard this called Four Lanes End, Four Lanes Cross Roads,  and 'Top O' Joel Lane'... and it's by that name I call it.  I have seen as many pictures....old and new of this place than the Town Hall itself... If seems it as always attracted folks to it's benches... I'm not sure if that's to enjoy the views or to set a while and get your breath back.... I have sat there and done both.  The telephone box that is on view here was one of many that as shown up on pictures from around Gee Cross. At first I was not sure if they were AA or RAC boxes... and when it was mentioned on this   Gee Cross  I was happy to be told off a 'not' so old Hydonian ( Elizabeth) that her dad remembered these boxes. If you see any more on old pictures from around Hyde.... please let us know... and remember we are always on the lookout for information, articles and pictures to include in our postings. Our email is on the sidebar... 


Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

What a lovely place to sit and ponder life♥ I just cannot get enough of these old photographs.

Dave Williams said...

It looks like a K1 telephone kiosk which was made of concrete and originally produced in the 1920s:


Tom said...

Excellent info Dave... I'll be looking out for them now ;0)