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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Flowery Field Bikers (Thornton and Minnie Marsden)


I came across this photo completely by chance and instantly loved it.... It really is a cracking picture... it holds so much interest.. I don't know the make and model of the bike... or the car seen in the background. If you like your motorbikes or cars and you can tell us anything about them I'd be greatful...  Just look at the Leather Gear.. how good is that...   

When I saw this on the internet I contacted the owner and thankfully he granted me permission to use it here... so I'd like to say a big thank you to Roger.. he had this to say about the picture.

 The picture shows my great uncle Thornton and aunty Minnie, their surname was Marsden. He along with his sister (Sade) were from Flowery Field, and he loved going on day trips on his bike, which he would often strip down.
It is always a pleasure to show off other peoples pictures... so if you want to see any of your old relatives feature here send them in to us.. our email is on the right hand side near to the top, and also seen when you make a comment.


Hydonian said...

Like you,Tom, I was instantly captured by this fabulous photograph. Great to get a bit of history with it too. Many Thanks Roger!
This blog is a nice place to remember bygone days and people.

ian... said...

Great photo, and could it be one of these???

Tom said...

Ian I think you are spot on with this one... I made my eyes soar the other night looking and give up in the end... I will do an up date on this... thank you for your time and effort.