Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Old Street signs.



I love to see the old street signs. These are 2 that are set in stone rather than the traditional metal plates.


Tom said...

I'd only ever seen the one on Tower Street Nancy... I should have seen the one on Nelson Street.. I wonder how many more will turn up. I have seen one or two Cast Iron ones which have some age to them... and I'm sure there must be the old Enamel ones. My friend Trevor Grimshaw the artist (deceased) used to collect these signs when streets and building were being demolished.. along with a lot of other stuff... he had the windows from the Brunswick Pub in his back yard.
I'll be keeping my eyes open more... it would be nice if others could do the same and send their picture in so we can keep up dating this post.

Anonymous said...

i remember this street sign for tower st (i lived at no 35 for 5 yrs ) and the sign on the corner of nelson street. i now live on lumn road