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Sunday, 24 October 2010

James North Demolition

This was taken looking down Stockport Road during the demolition of the James North factory (circa 1998) to make way for the new housing estate. It looks such a small area but dont be fooled- that's just the photo perspective. Notice Ashton Brothers Carrfield Mill in the background behind Chartist House Flats. Also see the tower to Floweryfield church on the left of the flats.

This one was taken from the top of Market Street showing the iconic tower coming down.


Anonymous said...

You have some nice photos, Tom. I guess building after tearing down is popular everywhere these days.

Tom said...

Hi Abe..
Thanks for stopping by.. I wish I could take credit for everything one sees on here... but it is all team effort... What started as an idea shared with my friend Nancy as grown into what one see's now. Our little blog here as been lucky to have a following from far and near.. and these have sent us many pictures and continue to do so... these people inspires Nancy and myself to carry on... and as we do so we have found out we are learning much about our home town and the people that have called Hyde their home.