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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Garbetts Shoe shop (Disappeared shops)

This super account and two wonderful photos were sent to us by Trish Mullineaux. She wanted to share her memories of her familys shop, which I remember very well !

"I read the comment from Susan Ollerenshaw regarding the picture of boarded up Rumblelows. Susan mentioned Martin Middletons Music Shop in the sixties. I also remember this shop fondly as I bought many a single/EP/LP from here in the
sixties. The shop had booths where you could listen to the record before
you purchased it.
I also wanted to add a disappeared shop and street that will be fondly
remembered by many older people in Hyde. The shop was Garbetts Comfort
Corner Shoe Shop on the corner of Manchester Road and Newton St Hyde. This
was my family's shoe shop for many years..."

Float for Garbetts original shoeshop on George St Hyde, picture taken
outside the Unity Inn on Oldham Street Hyde for the carnival of 1923.


"My Great-Grandad William Garbett ( a shoemaker originally from Dawley Ironbridge Shropshire) and his two sons Frank and Jack opened a small shoe shop on George St to begin with, but this soon proved to be too small for the popularity of the shop.
So,in the mid 1920s they purchased the corner shop on Manchester Road,
which had previously been Oultons. They called their new shop Comfort
Corner and as each shop next door became empty they bought it until they
eventually had six display windows and a Mens,Ladies and Childrens Dept
(complete with popular rocking horse!) My Dad, Leonard Garbett also worked
at Comfort Corner and I remember it fondly as I helped out on
The shop became compulsory purchase in 1971 to make way for the
sliproad to the motorway. (glad Great-Grandad didn't see this happen!)"

Thanks for sharing with us,Trish !


This last photo was sent to us by Susan Jaleel - This seemed the ideal opportunity to use it, along with Trish's memories !

Thanks Susan - Much appreciated as always !

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Tom said...

What great memories you must have of this shop and area... I do like the Carnival picture... and a great old view of the Unity Hotel..