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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Top and Bottom Rows, Godley

Top & Bottom Rows were two similar rows of terraced houses, situated in the triangle consisting of Commercial Brow, Sheffield Rd (before it was cut short at St John's Church) and High Street, Godley. They were built for the mill workers in the nearby Godley Mill on Bottom Street. Godley Mill was said to have been built around 1784 by Thomas Turner.
The area around the mill and houses was subject to severe damage in 1906 during the "Great Flood". The 2 rows were demolished around the 1960's. Any other information about them would be greatly appreciated.

Bottom Row (Top Row in distance)

Top Row

Rear of Bottom Row

Flood damage on Sheffield Road, Bottom Row in distance


Maps showing how The Rows evolved through the years. 

Tithe maps showing their existence in 1836-51 when They were owned by John Turner.

A map from 1875 shows they were known by slightly different names.
"Lower Mill Row" and "Higher Mill Row".

On this map from 1910 they are known as Top and Bottom Rows.

This aerial view from the 1970's shows they no longer exist.

This is the view today after the M67 motorway cut Hyde in half.


Hydonian said...

Excellent post! Great photos - I haven't seen 3 of these before either!

Patty said...

What wonderful old photographs.

Tom said...

I've really enjoyed looking at this post... and found myself coming back a few times to look at those houses. Great post Paul... well done.

JohnT said...

I agree what a fantastic and well documented post with the tithe map and the progression through time. Well done! This is what Hydonian is all about.

Tom said...

Hi John.. Paul Taylor to thank for this post.. and I agree it is a cracker. .

Hydonian said...

I added the maps to show people where the Rows were as a lot didn't know.

Tom said...

I stand corrected Nancy.. ha!

Hydonian said...

ha ha ! We still have to really thank Paul because without his wonderful photos then there would be no need for maps !!

ian... said...

Can't help but look at those photos (except the flood one!) and wonder how much nicer Hyde looked without the M67...and I use it, but oh to roll the clock back!


Barbara Madders said...

I was born at 24 Bottom Row in April 1942. It is the second house from the nearest end. There were 7 children my grandmother and my mum and dad in a 2 up and 2 down house. We had a happy childhood. Across from Bottom Row was a pond underneath the railway viaduct . The path went up into the countryside ( which we called the box ) along side a stream where we would play for hours jumping the stream and catching fish. I now live in Australia but your photo's brought a flood of memories back. Thank you

Colin Scott said...

I have just read Barbara Madders post. what a blast from the past. My Grand Father and his brothers were born in Bottom Row.and when I young one of the brothers Tom Scott would take me
fishing at the box. these were great times I was starting to believe I was dreaming it all.
thanks to Barbara I am happy to know its true. Ps I also live in AUSTRALIA
Many Thanks

Unknown said...

Where was turner brow?