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Monday, 22 August 2011

Nags Head (Disappeared Pubs)

This next post was written by the blogs very own Paul Taylor and appears in his excellent book "The History of the Pubs of Hyde and District".



The white building in the centre is the site of the Nags Head , Asda's car park is to the left and Market Street to the right of the photo.
(Thanks to Bing Maps)

Taken by Dave in November 2010

A building is recorded on this tithe maps from 1836-51. Unfortunately no record of who owned the plot of land is recorded.

For anyone interested ,Paul Taylors wonderful book can be purchased from Harrisons Newsagents on Market Street in Hyde.

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Dave Williams said...

I don't know about the owners of that plot of land, but in The History of Hyde there's a piece about the Hyde Wesleyan Church which says that: "Early in 1815 the building at the corner of Cross Street and Water Street was secured, and here services were held regularly, and a Sunday school was started. In 1821 it was decided to build a larger chapel upon a plot of land facing Water Street, Port Street, and Milk Street. The land was conveyed to the Society by John Howard Esq., for a nominal sum of five shillings." So possibly the same John Howard also owned the adjacent plot of land upon which the Nags Head was later built. Or would the person who had so generously facilitated the building of a Wesleyan Church allow a beerhouse to be built in such close proximity?