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Saturday, 13 August 2011

George Wain Article.

I came across this newspaper article from the North Cheshire Herald from 1998.
Sadly George Wain is no longer with us but he left us the legacy of his students. I'm happy to say I have an Owen Traynor painting which I received for my 18th Birthday. It still has pride of place in my house. I also have a James Fidler sketch which he gave to me when I was a pupil of his at Astley Grammar School. He was a great Teacher, I have to add.


If any of the students mentioned in the article read this, let us know if you received your work back from George - It would be great to know after all this time.


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

George Wain is best known (to me) for his films, several of which have been converted into videos - see Old Hyde for links to several.

Hydonian said...

Thanks Gerald.
George was a very talented man indeed.

celtbard_2000 said...

Didn't George Wain own a camera shop on Market Street. My Dad used to talk about it?

celtbard_2000 said...

George Wain would not be searching for me. I still have my report card from George from 1963 where he states "he has little talent and his work is messy! Oh what memories.

owen traynor said...

I went many times to visit George at Dowson Road and at his flat in Marple.
He did return some of my paintings from school. Once he took me to his 'studio' and allowed me to choose a painting.
Every year I sent him an original card for his birthday, last day of January if I remember rightly.My wife and I went to his 95th, I think, party, and to his funeral.
A great man who is not forgotten.

Tom said...

Hi Owen
thank you for taking the time to comment I so glad you did...