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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hyde Schools and Services information.

 An information article about Hyde Schools and Services I found on the back of a map dated between January 1970 and February 1971.


*We had Nine Sub-post Offices.
*We only had two Market Days.
*We had a Maternity Home.
*We had a Registrar.
*We had Five Secondary Schools
*We had three different public convenience sites.

*We had half day closing on a Tuesday
*Most shops closed on Sunday
*We had stricter licensing laws.

Oh,  for the good old days ! ;)


Anonymous said...

Bring it back. The thing not mentioned is that Tuesday was early ckosing.

Tom said...

Excellent bit of info.... all this dose not seem that long ago... as for the Licensing hours... I miss the old days when the curtains were drawn, the juke box plug was pulled and the door was locked from 3-5 of an afternoon... nothing like a lockin on a Monday afternoon to help you recover from the excess of the weekend.. ha!

Hydonian said...

Ah yes .Anonymous - half day closing on tuesday !
I shall add that to the list :)

Dave Williams said...

And how many of the Sub-Post Offices are still with us? I know it's nothing to do with them being closed, but the post was delivered by about 8am in those days, whereas in the couple of weeks since the latest 're-organisation' our post is being delivered at 3pm or later.

Werneth Low said...

I clearly remember walking to Gee Cross post office in the evening and posting a letter in the box there (cost 3d). The last collection was 8.00 p.m. and the letter reached its destination next morning.

As for early closing,there was also Wakes week, when the shops were almost all closed. There were points around the town where you could buy newspapers between certain hours [we got ours by the cemetery gates].If you werent lucky enough to be going on your annual pilgrimage to Blackpool that week like us, there was always the Wakes Fair on the market ground. It was brilliant and Elf & Safety didnt spoil things in those days! I recall that each year one ride was always left and sited just outside the market hall. I think it was called the Jungle Ride but we called it the Jigger and it was another place to meet the lads - in addition to the Jester Coffee Bar and Meschia's. Lovely memories.

Hydonian said...

Brilliant memories indeed ,Werneth Low.
We are still on the hunt for photos of Meschias ,The Jester and the Round Table cafes which were all very much a part of our youth.
Can anyone reading this , oblige? *

*Fingers crossed !