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Thursday, 4 August 2011

More Leigh Street School Photos...


Leigh Street Junior School - Mr Armistead is the teacher.
Looks like a sports team of some sort. Not a pair of trainers between them just "white" pumps! Happy to see more United shirts than City shirts even then :)

Leigh Street Infant school
Mrs Adams is the teacher and Mrs Woodley the headmistress on this photo.

Here is another picture from Leigh Street the year is 1976,


Back Row:-Paul Bakison, Andrew Ninnies, Richard Croft, Theo Chapman, Mark Lomax, Michael Hill.

Third Row:-Nicholas Miles, Mark Cox, Michael Griffiths, Simon Gill, James Deldulychade, Antony Spencer, Tony Mitchell.

Second Row:-Catherine Stoll, Pamela Heathcote, Ann Loyd, Susan Peploe, Tracy Walker, Heather Wilkie(RIP) Brian Hargreaves.

Front Row:-Joanne Parsons, Stacey Noden, Liza O'rielly, Jane ?, Joanne Quigley, Jane Taylor, Jennifer Dodds.

The teacher is Mrs Adams and the head is Mrs Woodley.

Thanks to Jean for the last photo :)
Please contact us if you can recognise yourself (or anyone else) as we are always happy to put a name to a face !


Jean said...

Did anyone notice that this photo and the one posted 31/07 were both taken at 1.50pm?

Hydonian said...

Ooh spooky! Well spotted,Jean !
At least they weren't taken at dentist time - 2:30 (tooth hurty) ;)

Tom said...

Could the clock just be broke..ha! If I'm right I think this same thing happened on a couple of pictures from Enfield Street which me and my older brother were on..... his was taken 2-3 years before mine... Maybe it was the 'norm' to have them taken after the lunch time break... well spotted Jean.

Anonymous said...

I think what Jean is saying is its the same photograph

Hydonian said...

I dont think they are the same photos ,are they?

westarsteve said...

that 3rd picturethe one with michael hill in he is my youngest brother there is 6 of us all together i am the eldest thanks for sharing

Jean said...

No it is not the same photograph, the teacher on one is Mrs Adams and on the other Miss French.

westarsteve said...

i remember miss french everyone was scared of her but school days were happy days ha ha

Paul Cleary said...

The first photo is of the Gymnastics team here are a few names for you.Back row :- Andrew Crossland, --?- Paul Cleary,--?-- D or G Casey
.middle row :- --?-- --?-- Susan Peploe, Helen Woods, Susan Davies, Nancy Ellis.
front row seated:- Denise ? Katriona ? Denise Pike --?-- Beverley Wilson.
on floor :- John Leah --?--

theMEGLET said...

Okay, I'll have a go, but my memory for faces-to-names is poor.

First photo (with my old mate Paul Cleary in it), I think the female teacher was called Miss Ruth* later Mrs Robinson*.

I'm a bit more confident with the second photo;
BR; Peter Del Giudice, Chris Sykes,3,4,Craig Charnock*,6,7,Chris Hancock.
R3: Geoff Longdon,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,
R2:1,2,3,Chris Hall*,Paul Cleary,Gary Raheem*,Leyland Woodhead,8,9
FR:1,Denise Pike,Helen Woods,4,Susan Davies,Michelle Pritt*,Gillian Teretza,Emily ?,9

I have a lot of names from that class whirring around in my head but I can't put them to the faces.

(*=not 100% sure)