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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Rowbotham Street Chapel of Rest

The next two pictures show the little Chapel of Rest building that used to stand on Rowbotham Street in Gee Cross. I'm sorry to say I don't know anything about this building despite walking past it hundreds of times.I'm not even sure who it belonged to though I was always led to believe it belonged to the Armitage family.

Gee Cross Methodist Church can be seen in the background.

A map showing the location of the building ,although the map is slightly misleading as Mottram Old Road should read Stockport Road ,I think..

Thanks to Bing & Google Maps.

If anyone knows anything about this building, please write in and let us know!


Tom said...

I'm sure that it was Armitage who owned this... they also had a funeral directors on Stockport Road. A lot of building firms ran funeral parlours as they had the ready material and joiners on hand... There used to be a chap who lived rough around Hyde called Hughie... always wore an army grey-coat... he used to collect bodies for Armitages at one time. He used to sleep in the 'Chapel Of Rest' up until he died himself... Knocked over by a CID officers at the junction of Knott Lane and Dowson Road.. Hughie had a bent leg and dragged it when he walked... yet this night he 'just ran out in front' .. never did like the sound of that.
Anyhow back to the building... I always knew as the Chapel Of Rest for Armitages Funeral Directors.

Werneth Low said...

I remember this building very well, and would date it at between 1958 and 1961. My father died in November 1962 and we went to see him there prior to the funeral. It was built and owned by Armitage. Leslie Armitage and his wife, Annie, ran the funeral side of the business in those days - they are now buried in the Armitage grave in Holy Trinity churchyard. People did say, possibly unkindly, that Annie was so taken with Leslie that she was always willing to take on any "laying out." I also remember being nervous of walking past the chapel of rest in the dark, being convinced that something unpleasant would suddenly pop out!

Gillian Meakin said...

My father, Alf Ollerenshaw, worked for Armitages in the office for many years until he retired in 1968. They handled his funeral in 1996. It's been a few years since I was in Gee Cross - is that building gone now? Aren't they undertakers any more? In the aerial view Armitages yard looks very tidy/empty.

Ghost of Red Pump St said...

The Chapel of Rest Building was demolished about 3 or 4 years ago when Armitages started to clear the builders yard in preparation for housing development on the site(currently on hold I belive). I remember as a kid climbing in the JCBs and dumpers at weekend when it was closed, it was like a play ground for boys ! I also remember Gerald Armitage paying my dad a few visits after I d taken bits and bobs from the yard to my den in my mum and dads back garden on Rowbotham St. I also remember going to the joiners shop to collect saw dust for my rabbits ! I think the company is now run by Geralds son Daniel and they run from some offices in Bredbury.

Jean said...

The Hughie that Tom recalls was called Memory, his brother with whom he sometimes *lodged* with, lived on Mansfield Road.He was a likeable chap who would do no-one any harm.We had some characters on Mansie and thereabouts in them HAPPY days.

Hydonian said...

Am I right in believing that Tescos is going to be shut down because of the housing development? Has anyone else heard this? I really hope it isn't true as it's a godsend when I don't feel like going down Hyde!

Tom said...

I've not heard anything about the Tesco shutting Nancy... maybe the plans are available on Tamesides website... might be worth a search.
I got to know Hughie very well when working and drinking in some of Hydes pubs.... he drank bitter, pint pot with an handle and smoked Park Drive. When I worked in the Queens I got to know him very well.. he was a very interesting man to talk to... I think of him often... one of many folks that left an impression on me.

Werneth Low said...

I'm intrigued by the comment from Gillian Meakin. My dad was Harold Ollerenshaw - no relation - but I wondered if she lived in a cottage at the top of Knott Lane/Stockport Road opposite the Grapes.

Anonymous said...

Dad hadn't notice it had gone, he'll go and have a look when he has a walk round.

He remembers Hughie, but calls him Hubert.He said his leg was a war wound and that his brother Terry got the Military Medal after his arm was shot up in the war, he was a conductor on the buses.

He also remembers Alf Ollerenshaw and thinks he did live at the top of Knott Lane next to Jonny Graham's and that he was a football referee in the Cheshire League.

He also hasn't heard that Tesco's is being knocked down. I remember going there and having to recite our Coop number to get the 'divi', but then I can remember the shops up Mottram Old Road too , I'm old:(


Gillian Meakin said...

Yes I lived at 286 Stockport Rd opposite the Grapes next to Grahams Barbers and my Dad Alf was a football referee for 25 years in the Cheshire League. Those 2 properties 284-286 used to belong to his grandfather Alfred Woolley who had a grocers shop where the barbers was later. My Dad never lived more than a stone's throw from where he was born in GX. I emigrated to Canada in 1960.
Gillian Meakin (our Jill)

downsie21 said...

The Chapel of Rest and Funeral company was last run by Stanley Armitage and closed with Stan's death.
I remember Alf very well as a damn good referee.
I think I have a photo of Mr Woolley sat outside the shop and many is the hair cut I've had by Johnnie Graham in that shop.