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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Greenfield Street cross country team

Hi Tom /Nancy ,Just to make a change from Leigh street pics here's one from Greenie. It's of the cross country team about 1979/80.It was made up of different years so cant remember all the names.


Back row --?-- --?-- Derek Poland --?-- --?--
m/row Paul Cleary, Derek Casey, Dean Panter, Tuna Mia, Riza Mohammed, Graham Casey, Mike Yeats,Andrew Derbyshire.
f/row --?-- ? Young, --?--, --?--, Steven Fekete.

Sorry to anyone whose name is spelt wrong. regards Ceecee


*Honest Abe said...

Reading all the violence in your city. Hope you and family are safe.

Anonymous said...

Front row, second from right: Michael O'Connel . Front row, third from right: Andrew Birnie

Regards, Ewan

Anonymous said...

Back row far left; Graham Hill, front row far left; Paul Ralphs.