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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Greenfield Street cross country team

Hi Tom /Nancy ,Just to make a change from Leigh street pics here's one from Greenie. It's of the cross country team about 1979/80.It was made up of different years so cant remember all the names.


Back row --?-- --?-- Derek Poland --?-- --?--
m/row Paul Cleary, Derek Casey, Dean Panter, Tuna Mia, Riza Mohammed, Graham Casey, Mike Yeats,Andrew Derbyshire.
f/row --?-- ? Young, --?--, --?--, Steven Fekete.

Sorry to anyone whose name is spelt wrong. regards Ceecee


Anonymous said...

Reading all the violence in your city. Hope you and family are safe.

Anonymous said...

Front row, second from right: Michael O'Connel . Front row, third from right: Andrew Birnie

Regards, Ewan

Anonymous said...

Back row far left; Graham Hill, front row far left; Paul Ralphs.