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Friday, 5 August 2011

Memories of Zion Church

This next photo and the memories were sent to us via email by Sean Mayall.
He also sent us some memories of The Ritz which I will post soon.


"I went to Zions Sunday School between the 1975-83. I have attached a photo of the Whit Walk, the photo was taken in the mid 70s.
The lady on the far left dressed in a white hat and coat was called Phylis and she was one of the delightful Sunday School Teachers. In the late 1970's , me and the rest of the Sunday School children actually restored the games room, which was located under the Church itself. It had a full sized snooker table, half sized one too, table tennis, darts to name but a few, the Sunday School ran a club where we would attend and play games on Monday nights........btw I'm the blonde headed lad in the Whit Walk photo"

The Zion is still thriving although the snooker table et al sadly long gone.
I can recognise Joanne Williams, Katie Carr, Marie ? and one of the Inglefield girls on this photo.... great memories.

Thanks Sean, much appreciated.


Tom said...

Thank you Sean.. great picture and memories.
Nice shot of the old Greenwoods Menswear shop and Granada Rentals.

Anonymous said...

photo from right to left
Joanne williams katie carr
sean mayall gary wilson
marie stafford unknown
michelle pepaloe
the rest unknown
right at the back on the left handside next to Phylis are andrew wilson and stuart valentine

Werneth Low said...

The teacher was Phyllis Kempster. I attended Zion Sunday School and she was my very first teacher. This would be around 1949-50.

Anonymous said...

who is anonymous??
i dated joanne williams for years.
my friend graig break married michelle pep aloe
i remember her sister susan and her dads name colin
lived across the st from ring o bells

Anonymous said...

i believe joanne williams moved to hattersley with her then boyfriend. she had a much older sister i think her name was mary??
i also know alan mayall very very well..

Babs Allen said...


My name is Babs Allen and I edit Zion Church's church magazine. I was wondering if this site was still live and if so would you mind me using some of the items in a new website I will be setting up for the church? Thanks a lot.

Tom said...

Hello there
The site is still going but intermittent, If you can contact Nancy Morris, I am sure it would be beneficial for you as a lot of the Zion posts are from Nancy. If you email me I will reward your details to Nancy