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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nelson Street

The next two photos show that very little has changed on Nelson Street in the last 40 years or so. Parts of it are one way now though.

Nelson Street early 1970's

The corner shop between Nelson Street and Travis Street is no longer there though. The Slater family used to live there when I was growing up.

Nelson Street 2010

Thanks to Angela C for the top photo, The bottom photo is courtesy of google maps.


Anonymous said...

My Great Aunt Nellie (Sarah Ellen Ashworth) lived in Nelson Street and your picture has brought back memories of visiting her there. She was married to Tom Ashworth for only a short while as he died in 1937 from Bronchitis. She never remarried. Lived at 1 Nelson Street Hyde until she went into Old peoples home in Newton until her death in 1978. She had arthritis in her hands but was very independant.She taught me how to make a cup of tea when I was bout 8! Always sent us a 2/6p postal order on our birthday. Worked at Arthur Danes (Painter & Decorator) on Market St. Hyde.


Hydonian said...

Hi Elayne , I have a booklet about Nelson Street called "White Knob Row" that you might find interesting. I'll dig it out and post some excerpts from it soon.