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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Christmas Party Photo

The following was sent to us by David Hamilton.

Over to David....

!I wonder if this Christmas party photo is of interest to you.

As well as my mother, brother, myself and Dorothy Edwards, there are four of my cousins on the photo.
It is worth noting that the six children named are all 2nd cousins of Tom.
I would say that the picture was taken in 1960, and has Proctor's stamp on the reverse, but I have no idea where it was taken, other than somewhere in Hyde. 
It may have been in a central location, as we were from Newton, the Wigleys were from Dowson Road, and the Ovens's lived in Kingston Gardens".

 In the 1960's Dorothy Edwards had a shop on Victoria Street, more or less opposite Sawyer Brow. Later on she had a flower shop at the top of Bennett Street, just a few doors down from the Cheshire Cheese. 

 photo 76885495-c09d-4101-959e-dce8a166a5c9.jpg

 photo 139a3a62-3e8c-430d-afde-f7197b922f21.jpg
Dorothy Edwards

 photo HildaMylatemother.jpg
Hilda (my late mother)

 photo AdrianMyyoungerbrother.jpg
Adrian (my younger brother)

 photo Myself.jpg

 photo KathrineOvens.jpg
Katherine Ovens

 photo DorothyOvens.jpg
Dorothy Ovens

 photo AlanWigley.jpg
Alan Wigley

 photo MichaelWigley.jpg
Michael Wigley

Many Thanks, David ! :)


Dave B said...

Used to know two brothers Alan and Michael Wigley (or was it Wrigley?) but they lived on Apethorn Lane off Dowson Rd. Think there was a sister also. Was a good mate Alan, shared many adventures in the early years, trips to Wembley to watch England, Led Zepp concert all that sort of thing.....

Tom said...

Excellent set of pictures Dave... nice to see how you all looked back then.. Your side of the family must have got the looks as well as the brains.. :O).
Dave B: I can confirm that Alan Wigley's family did live on Apethorn Lane.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

Alan Wigley's family lived at No. 51 Dowson Road, next to the chip shop,in the early 60's, before moving to Apethorn Lane.

All the best,

Dave Hamilton.

Dave B said...

Cheers Tom/Dave..I've got the right family then.
From what I remember Alans local was the Lamb Inn. Myself, I left Hyde aged 20 and moved to the other side of Manchester one of the downsides of which is that you lose contact with all the lads you grew up with,played football with and all the rest of it....

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Edwards was my godmother ~ her shop was at the top of Sawyer Brow ~ I lived at 73 Victoria Street until the group of three houses were demolished c1968.