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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Newspaper Item 1967

Whilst looking through some old family photos and newspaper cuttings I came upon this...

 photo 2932bfe8-f7e2-4783-a43d-1654bb4b033c.jpg

 Then I found this one....

 photo 529a9792-d501-4fca-ba50-5d127780a30a.jpg

The unfortunate youth was my dearly departed cousin, Ian.
I'm sure the person who reported him meant well but it caused a lot of trouble at the time.
How times ( and attitudes) have changed.


Susan Jaleel said...

This story is almost unbelievable, and makes sad reading. This poor lad could easily have found himself the victim of a serious medical emergency as, without a syringe, he would not have been able to take his prescribed dose of insulin. To add insult to injury, he then has the misfortune to fall prey to a busybody and a gormless chemist, not to mention the so-called helpful police who saw fit to send him on a 14-mile round trip to Manchester to collect his syringes. It doesn't bear thinking about. Thank goodness that was then, and now we have changed attitudes and help at the touch of a telephone keypad.

Marjorie said...

No need to use a syringe now as diabetics are issued with "pens" with extremely fine needles. Treatment has vastly improved over the years and such a sad event unlikely to happen nowadays. Poor lad!

John Taylor said...

I fully agree. The idiot who reported him should have asked first why he wanted the syringe, so should the chemist.

What a collection of plonkers. The lad could well have died.

Furthermore the police should have taken him to Manchester for a replacement.

Tom said...

What a story ... it just shows how drugs were so unacceptable back then that something like that could happen. Now is seems we are bombarded with drug use and at times it feels as if it is more socially accepted than smoking tobacco.