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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Was this the longest Street in Hyde ??

George Street was always rumoured to be the longest Street in Hyde although I have recently been told that that honour goes to Apple Street. 

Does anybody know the answer ? 
George Street was certainly a contender .

  photo 93a108a6-23bd-43bd-ac77-9659e558f21a.jpg
George Street Shops looking down towards Newton Street, approx 1950's.

Hyde Methodist Chapel(New Connexion),or George Street Chapel as it was more commonly known 
 scan0385 Looking down George Street from Newton Street, Spinners Arms on left. 

A 125 Manchester bus parked up in Hyde Bus station, George Street at the back with Tanner Street to the right 

The bottom end of George Street at the junction with Hoviley Brow. 


Anonymous said...

Great set of photos there Nancy, a reminder of how Hyde looked before
the arrival of the M67.

David Hamilton.

Chris Han said...

I was always told George Street held the record at one time for having the most pubs on any street in Great Britain.
Along with the fact that our neighbour, Stalybridge, had the pub with the longest name.

Marjorie said...

The factory at the Junction with Hoviley Brow was Oldham & Fogg's hat factory.

Bill Lancashire said...

Apple Street would certainly be the longest street, if it was an actual street and not the name of a country lane.

But otherwise Great Norbury Street would have to be a contender, or Market Street. Or what about Victoria Street? That is if Newton counts.

Ralph said...

You really can't call Apple Street a street in the true sense, it is just a country lane. Croft Street and Great Norbury are a very long streets but I think George Street just wins out.

RuneE said...

hello Tom! Nice to hear from you - hope all is well. I see that you are doing a terrific job with the history of Hyde. Local history is both interesting and very valuable, We all need to know our own background.

westsawake said...

there was a hungarian restaurant just opposite to the brunswick pub on george it was probably hyde's first foreign restaurant cheers brian o' reilly