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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Hyde United Centenary Match

Most people know about Hyde United's (then Hyde FC) claim to fame being  beaten 26-0 in the FA Cup by Preston in 1887 - It is still the biggest-ever defeat in English football !!

In 1988 there was a replay at Ewen Fields to mark the clubs centenary.
Here is a scan of the souvenir programme.
It notes Sam Allardyce (West Hams Manager) and Frank Worthington (former player of many professional clubs) as Preston Northend players.

Unfortunately, I cant remember the score if anyone out there can help,
please comment.

 photo 63975ee4-2842-44a6-a380-3f19c65d550c.jpg

 photo 862e78bd-f3f1-41be-83e3-81f48ddc48fe.jpg

 photo dbba525e-ae11-4ed9-ba18-7ce8022d6d48.jpg

 photo 895829b1-d0c7-48d4-806e-409170d24731.jpg

 photo 429a8a80-565e-4d29-bec6-5f08520bd40c.jpg

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Anonymous said...

I believe the final score was 2 - 2