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Friday, 3 May 2013

It's a Beautiful Day !

Here are a few photos I took today when I had a walk over Werneth Low.
We are so lucky to have this beautiful spot on our doorstep !

 photo 2f81267d-e6d9-480d-8ac6-5cef45d167a2.jpg
It's a long walk up there .....  photo 57ae4da9-75b1-4909-944a-29d33a873e1b.jpg
...But all worth it for the best seat in the house !

 photo 2310ea48-65c1-4f2b-9e63-1d7062f777c8.jpg
The views are stunning... 
Looking over to Hattersley and Mottram !

  photo 66ce3a55-4ebf-4ddc-b3ce-71b1ec11d101.jpg 
It's much easier walking down!


Werneth Low said...

Thank you so much for these beautiful shots of my most favourite place in the whole world.

Marjorie said...

Great photos and some nice cloud formations. A lovely day for a walk on the Low.

jay johnson said...

Born and bred in Hyde, it's a view we have taken so much for granted.
As a child, I and my friends have played up there for hours. Yet sadly now being disabled there is no way I can get up on the Low. Still got my memories, all happy ones. thank you Hydonian for the lovely pictures.

Trish said...

Thank you so much for these lovely photos, Has Spring finally arrived I wonder? A bit of sunshine certainly cheers everyone up! But anyway even if it rains tomorrow, or is cold, we shall still have these sunny pictures to look at of that lovely place that we are so lucky to have right here on our doorstep!

Tom said...

What a beautiful clear day as well... fantastic pictures. :O)