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Friday, 10 May 2013

Rosemount Primitive Methodist Chapel

The following was taken from 

the Annals of Hyde and District. 


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The church was founded in 1875.
The Chapel was demolished and the congregation moved into the adjacent former school (also merging with Trinity Methodists) in 1977.

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I was christened at Rosemount and took part in a few pantomimes there in the late 1960's. I would love to see any photos of these.

I'm glad to report that the church is still going strong.
Rosemount Church

 Thanks to A M Berrell  for the photos.


Werneth Low said...

As a Methodist Local Preacher, I've taken services at Rosemount on several occasions in the recent past. It's a wonderful place with lovely people who are so kind and welcoming. The worship centre is now a multi-purpose building with lots of groups meeting during the week, in addition to the two Sunday services. I remember the old chapel very well; it stood to the right of the present building and, if I remember rightly, a little further back in line. One of the stained glass windows from it is retained in the present building.

Rosemount became Rosemount Trinity on the closure of Trinity Methodist Church, Talbot Road, when most of the Talbot Road folk moved down.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of images of pantomimes, rose queens and clubs at Rosemount on the Tameside Images Archive on-line
Dave Davies

Anonymous said...

Margaret from Vancouver. The pictures of Rosemount brought back memories of my school days at Flowery Field Secondary (1957-1961). I guess we had out grown the school and used rooms in both Rosemount and St. Stephen's church. I remember we were march quickly over to Rosemount by Mrs. Noble so that we didn't miss too much lesson time. coming back we were the ones in a hurry because we were missing break time.

EDWARD NEIL Openshaw said...

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Other groups could also benefit.

EDWARD NEIL Openshaw said...

I may have an oportunity, for teh morris dance troup, or other church group to promote themselves in late June.

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