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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Union Street Congregational Chapel

 photo 35a19d2c-79e8-4013-b9cd-480dd99c0662.jpg

Union Street Congregational Chapel 
Founded in 1814
Built in 1822 /  rebuilt in 1843
Main church building demolished circa 1970 ?

  photo 27021c4f-4e34-4cbf-b34c-bfd260440291.jpg

The Church is still thriving as the United Church, on Union Street in Hyde.
It can be seen centre of the photo, with the library to the left.


Werneth Low said...

What an austere place the old building was. I remember it well as we had to pass it going to and from the library and baths. Love the modern aerial photo though. Thank you.

Jeff Sherwin said...
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Jeff Sherwin said...

I learned to swim at the baths on Union Street, during the war one pool area became a restaurant, we ate there from time to time, after swimming a doughnut at Togos was a nice treat.

Werneth Low said...

A pennyworth of wafer biscuits from Meschia's was our after-swimming snack. Think I'd have preferred the doughnut though!