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Monday, 27 May 2013

School Report Time !

The following were sent to us by Peter Fallon.
They show his class photos and accompanying report cards.

I used to be so anxious when it was school report time - Mine always said I spent too much time talking and not enough time working !

 photo 003.jpg
Leigh Street Junior School 1949

Headmaster Mr Renwick. Teacher Mrs Andrews.
1st Row ? ? Alan Mills
2nd Row ???????????
3rd Row Myself, Barbara Bridgehouse, Mary Barber, Irene Buckley, Kathleen Stainrod, Alwyn Ashbrook, June Harding, Hazel Wadsworth, James Smith.
4th Row James Taylor, Peter Bardsley, Albert Armstrong, Alan Brimble, Donald Hampton, Alan Bonsall, Peter Marsland, Keith Hallas, Ralph Harris.
5th Row David Hirst, Roger Hirst, Geoffrey Warner, Peter Jepson, Peter Harrison, Tony Barton, Brian Crompton, John Brown, Glynn Wright.

  photo 004.jpg

 photo 002.jpg

 photo 5340042b-4550-4dc1-845f-35fec370a466.jpg
Greenfield Street Secondary School 1952

February 1952 
Teacher Mr Cookson
Average age 12 yrs 4 months
Front row John Brown, Peter Warburton, ??? Myself, 
Second Row John Wilson, John Barton, ???????
Third Row ????? Kenneth Dane, ???
Fourth Row Alan Thomson, ???? Keith Alexander, J Whitehead.

 photo 001.jpg

Many thanks, Peter. :)
I wonder if anyone else is brave enough to send theirs in ?


Anonymous said...

The Teacher in the photograph is Mr Cookson not Mr Hartley. from Colin Ridgway.

Marjorie said...

And what did you go on to do after school, Peter?

Peter Fallon said...

After very limited education, a very successful businessman.

Peter Fallon said...

After very limited education,a very successful businessman.

Marjorie said...

Well done Peter! You must have developed your talents later, as most boys tend to do.