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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Memories from Hallbottom Street

 By David Hamilton

I've attached some photos of my early years in Hallbottom Street.

We lived at number 37, long before the houses were built on the other side of the road. In fact our front window overlooked Dad's allotment where he kept poultry, and there was a small part of the reservoir fenced off for his ducks.
Also from our house we could see Newton Mill, and I always knew when it was getting near Christmas when the tree went up on the office roof with lights on it.

There were several other youngsters in the street, all around the same age, always someone to play out with !
We used to play on the allotment, and also on the tip, (can you imagine that now !) At the bottom of the street, I think that it hassince been grassed over and turned into a recreational area.

I went to St. Mary's Sunday School on Garden Street, and just behind that, number 45 Clarence Street was Marshall's shop. I was always going there on an errand for somebody or other.

Happy days !

 photo 2379b250-69c2-42e8-8722-aa8029e8da30.jpg
At  front door with Grandma

  photo 1607c353-40ef-42af-9681-550c8f34fb78.jpg
Back Yard 

   photo 89ac306c-8c24-4a9a-b11f-bf86f182b26f.jpg
 Back Garden - Whitsun !

 photo ceb22cb6-7dbb-4333-bab4-71db2e0cc916.jpg 
Backyard Sherriff and Deputy

  photo 3cbb5fce-1365-461f-a8e2-103fc4ff0143.jpg
Feeding dad's poultry 

  photo d6bea058-5938-4e0f-b15b-adc033f1c659.jpg
Picnic at no.33 

  photo 7335fa24-c065-4f07-bbf0-c582165a3edc.jpg
There wasn't much traffic then. 

 photo 2afbb116-6b9e-4dc2-bd94-742a6a0099c3.jpg

37, Hallbottom St

 photo 39eb1dc6-212c-49e3-a364-a0e952e50b25.jpg
45 Clarence St - formerly Marshall's shop

Great photos and happy memories, David !
Many thanks :)


Trish said...

these are nice memories David, love the photos!

B Williams said...

I loved the photos. They remind me of how my youngest brother used to look, he will be 65 shortly.

Colin W said...

Nice to see these pictures, when I met my wife in 1972 she lived in this house. I understand that her parents bought the house from the Hamiltons some 10 years earlier.

Tom said...

Brilliant Dave.. loved the pictures as well as your memories.