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Saturday, 11 May 2013

More Old Adverts from 1968

Below are a selection of adverts taken from the
1968 edition of the Green Guide,
which was a local Yellow Pages type publication.

 photo 4c369a64-19ff-44d1-9f38-21aa7eb7310a.jpg

 photo 0ce91bfc-b628-431d-ad37-8c6bb3e300bf.jpg

 photo 59dd496c-2e1f-4884-8432-1cdaefebda75.jpg

 photo 52e97c3d-54de-4606-b132-4fe961087e58.jpg

 photo 72257c6e-ae33-46ea-ad2e-f4ab5afb8703.jpg
The good old Kingston Stink !


Tom said...

My first job from leaving school was at Allott's Removers... I believe they are still going..
Smiths Brothers.... they should never have been allowed to carry on business so near to town... what stink hung over the area most days from there... or the awful whiff when one of there opened back lorries went by... once smelt never forgotten.

B Williams said...

My dad worked there for many years and we lived right next door to the works. I used to say that the smell blew over the top of the house so we weren't affected to much. That part of the town was called the three smells of Hyde as the Gas works and the Sewage works were near by. I don't remember the stink killing anyone although I must admit when the lorries went by in the town it wasn't too pleasant. All's well now!

the tufty club said...

Yes who can forget the infamous Kingston stinks

Tom said...

The print works was every bit as smelly at times...and Senior Service.The worse smell in Hyde now comes from Gabbotts Farm Shop... knocks me sick if I have to walk past it.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Kingston Stink?
I was part of it.
I was brought up in Frances Street West the unmade road just outside Smiths bone yard, and you got used to finding piles of offal outside your front doorstep that had bumped off the lorries bringing in waste meat products from all over the country. Truth is you got used to the smells..and you need to remember that the area had lots of smells mingling ...with the sewerage works ..the gas works..the cut ..and Anne Street Tip all competing for stink of the day.

On Coronation Day 1953 the owners the Smith brothers, did their community bit by offering the factory
for a children's party. It was well washed out for a day or so with hosepipes and the where piles of rotting carcasses had been we all sat union jacks and sticky buns in hand followed by party games.


Tom said...

Hi Trevor
we have not done very much on the blog about Smith Brothers, or that area. If you'd like to write some memories down I could do a post about it for you.. even better if you have any pictures.
ou can contact me at hydonian@gmail.com