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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Slaters Shop.(Disappeared shops)

The following was sent to us by David Stafford.

"This is a picture lent to me by my Auntie May Smith of her father outside his shop at 209, Ashton Road , Newton ,Hyde.
His name was Walter Slater and his wife‘s name was Mary. They had 4 children ,Ernest, Walter, William and May. They lived in the shop from August 1917 until 1938. The shop next door was a butcher shop run by the Stafford family and before them it was run by the Mayer’s family.
According to what my auntie tells me ,both buildings used to be a school before they were set up as shops.

May is now 94, alive and well & living in Hyde. A picture of her is on this blog - Flowery Field school 1929."



This building still stands today , as seen on Google street maps.

Many Thanks ,David!


Tom said...

I've drove by these two buildings many times and even bought meat from a butchers that was there not that long ago..... I have been stuck waiting at those traffic lights on Ashton Road more times than I care to mention yet I have never noticed the HIGHTHORNE HOUSE name plaque before.. and I normally look for such things.
Thank you Davied, and thank your Aunty May as well.

Hydonian said...

I used to go to Astley Grammar school & passed this shop twice on a daily basis for five years so when I saw Davids photo with the inscription stone I immediately knew where it was !
Best wishes to you David and your Auntie May,too !

Dave Williams said...

Kelly's Directory of 1902 shows Joseph Trueman, Fruiterer, at 209 Ashton Road, but I can't find anything for 211. The 1914 edition of the Directory shows Thomas Stafford, Butcher, at 211 Ashton Road and nothing for 209, but there's a Walter Slater, Shopkeeper, at 40 Bank Street. There's a Thomas Stafford, Butcher, at 1 Bennett Street in the 1902 Directory, and this is presumably Cooper's shop shown in the post about the Cheshire Cheese on 30 July 2010.

Dave Williams said...

Our contributor, David Stafford, says that he's related to Walter Slater who used to have the shop at number 209, but does he know if he's related to the butcher Thomas Stafford who was at number 211?

Hexstar said...

Interesting to see this picture. My late father Charles Hulme ran a butchers at 211 from the mid 1960's until the mid 1970's before moving to what is now a carpet retailers adjacent to the Cheshire Cheese pub. As a child from the age of 3-8yrs (1962-1967) I lived above and behind his butchers shop at 211. Next door at 209 at that time were Mr & Mrs Vernon(I think) Kingdom who ran a newsagents at the address. The newer build property to the side of 211 was built following the demolition of the old slaughter house which stood to the side of 211. I well remember the numerous rusting hooks, chains and pulleys still inside, redolent of an active and not too distant past.

Anonymous said...

Further information given to me by my aunty is that the butcher at 211 was called Stafford and she thinks his name was Fred.
He had a son and daughter called Fred and Betty.
He also had a brother who had the bread bakery at the top of Bennett street near the Cheshire cheese pub who owned the grocers shop that my aunties parents ran
As for me being a relative of the Stafford butcher family I am not at all

Anonymous said...

This shop was also occupied by a Mr Jim Bedford from the early fifties till sometimes in the sixties

Tom said...

Thank you for the information.. always good to get comments coming in weeks, and months after a post as been done..