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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Whit walks up Manchester Road.

This great photo was sent to us by Elayne Farmer who also sent us this message with it.

"This photo shows Nellie Ashworth (worked in Arthur Dane's) & her sister Cissy Leigh (who worked in the Co-op) on a wet whit walk. Unfortunately we do not know from which year". I remember showing off your new clothes to the rellies and getting 3d bits or a 6d if you were really lucky. How much would that cost today? - at least a fiver i suspect!)

Walking past the Wheatsheaf pub. Notice the distinctive windows of the shop next to Barry Hett's shop ,top right, which enabled me to identify where they were walking !

The Wheatsheaf


Tom said...

This is a great snap shot in time.. I can recall my dad wearing similar overcoats..

Dave Williams said...

Mid-1950s I would say judging by the clothing styles. There's no yellow lines on the edge of the road, and I think these were first used in the late 1950s (though when they were first painted on this road I don't know).