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Monday, 22 October 2012


I've got a booklet entitled 'A Guide to the Parish Church of St George's, Hyde, Cheshire' which is not dated, but appears to date from the early 1970s. The following are advertisements shown in the booklet.


Tom said...

So many familiar names and businesses, Stowells will always in my memory... Mum and Dad paid into there Christmas Club, it was the only time I can recall 'drink' being in the house.
Norman and Marian were lovely people who saw many of us grow up and go through our teenage years. At one time Stowell's Corner was our meeting place. We would meet up with our friends and girlfriends there. I still recall rushing up there after school awaiting the school bus from Astley Girls school bring my first love home.. hoping she had time to spare for a quick chat, and if I was lucky a kiss...
I can't mention Stowell's without mentioning Ian 'Scraggy' the son from the shop. When we were at Greenfield Street you could set your watch by the time he would turn up for school.. 5 past 9 on the dot... he was always late, and always looked half asleep. I'm proud to say he is still a friend.

One advert from so many, yet so many happy memories are bought to mind.

Werneth Low said...

I guess early 70s is about right Dave for these adverts as the phone numbers have changed to all digital and Croziers are are in the "new" market hall.

Dave Williams said...

The price is printed on the front of the booklet and is shown as 'Ten New Pence', so the 'New Pence' bit would seem to date it to shortly after decimalisation in 1971.

Keith said...

I had a morning paper round with Wild's 1962-67. Never missed a day. And my dad bought all our darkroom stuff from Proctor's - they were good friends. Moscrops always came up on the "Pearl & Dean" adverts at the old Theatre Royal - "Baby carriages for the discerning"