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Monday, 29 October 2012

Lowry's Night Club Request

Left to Right:  Cockney John Kinnard, Tom Wigley, Dave Brinsley, and Big Huey Travis... 

I wonder if any of our readers went into Lowry's in the 1980s.. and if so do they have any pictures, if you do please send them in. If you have memories from here that are printable I will sort out a post with what turns up.


Anonymous said...

entrance fee £2.00 & £1.00 a pint. very high prices but great nights

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. Jeez, the sights you see when you don't have a gun.

Werneth Low said...

Where was this club, Tom?

Tom said...

Anon.. £4.00 Christmas and New Year..

Barry, Derrick Morley would do the odd night with us, and his brother Phil did the Riverside Club at Broomstair.

Werneth Low

It was on Grafton Street, next to Pensioners House. It was once the Reform Club, the Lowry's and then it changed it's name to Jeckel's and Hyde. It is now a restaurant called 'Bengla City'

Anonymous said...

Lowery's AKA Jekyll's.

Only an occasional patron of this infamous establishment back in the 80's, and only when me and my mates fancied a bit of extra drinking time

It was famous back in the day for having the stickiest carpet in Tameside, and the 2p entrance fee specials stick in my mind well, it cost more to put your jacket in the cloakroom.

I have some odd memories of this place from my youth.
I remember one specific night when the DJ they had on must have been 'on one' cos he was picking out people on the dance floor and ridiculing their dancing. Well he must of took the P out of the wrong person cos I heard he got a good kicking on his way to his car after closing time.

But I think the most notorious story about Lowery's was from an incident that happened around 1983, when a fight broke out outside the club and one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed the other guy to death. I wasn't there myself that night, but the news of the killing was reported on the radio and TV.
I remember going past a couple of day's later and there was still a hell of a lot of blood everywhere.

But the oddest thing that sticks in my mind about Lowery's, was the night I trapped off with a lesbian, but that's for another day. ;)

Tom said...

I was working on the door at the Queens Hotel when that happened, in fact I was barred from Lowry's at that time, but was asked to do the door at Lowry's from the weekend after.
The knife that was used was a very small pen knife... the doorman 'Keith' tried his best to stop the flow of blood from a nasty neck wound, what he did not know was that the lad had been stabbed in the groin where a main artery was cut.
The club got a very bad reputation after that, and at times it did live up to it.
I worked there 4 nights a week for a nearly 4 years.. the stories I could tell ha! I've put a request on FaceBook for pictures and memories... hopefully something will turn up.
BTW you are correct about the carpet.

TOPCAT said...

It was nick name the cow shed, and was always being called, but people still went and always had a great night, and anyone and everyone did, end up there, and I bet 99% of Tameside will have found memories. I for one miss the old place, and we could do with another like it..
I remember you Tom on the door, and, Derek & Ronnie. The other haunt that no one has mentioned on any site was Hiccups ! Didn't you work the door there too Tom?