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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Queen Adelaide,Gee Cross.

 The following picture and email  are courtesy of Bill Lancashire....
"Here's a photograph I found amongst a pile of old family pictures.

Don't know the date but would guess late thirties or forties.  Most of the men are dressed in their Sunday best with collar and tie, suit and 'weskit'.  A couple of the men have their shirt collars on the outside of their jackets, while a couple appear to be wearing their 'union' shirt with no collar.  They are all wearing a buttonhole though - I wonder if they are roses and whether the occasion is a St George's Day outing.

I couldn't work out what the family connection was, but having enlarged the picture I think I've spotted my old Granddad Glithero on the back row, second from the left, and maybe my uncle, Bert Parkinson who was landlord of the Navigation, third from the right on the back row.

But who else can readers recognise?




Many thanks, Bill !
My husbands Great Aunt used to be the Landlady of the Queen Adelaide. I think it was in the 1950's. I'll try to find photo of her at the pub !

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